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Rendering quality-assured BOPP Films, Ployester Films, CPP Films, Adhesive Tapes & Bags to several industries for packaging applications....

About Us

As per current surveys, it has been traced that amongst all the other industries starting from pharmaceutical, transportation to food & beverage, one industry, that in today's date enjoys largest share in India's economy is none other than Packaging Sector. In the last few years, this Industry has seen tremendous growth and shown much potential for a vast expansion in the years to come. One of the strongest reasons which has made packaging sphere 5th largest sector of India is the packaging materials utilized. Prance Enterprises Limited. sells, has given new surges of growth to packaging industry. As a reliable Exporter & Suipplier of BOPP Films, Polyester Films, Transparent BOPP Bags, BOPP Adhesive Bags & Staple Fiber. Our company feels proud to be a part of this blooming packaging sector. Big food, medical, construction, textile and electrical companies prefer to purchase our offerings because of their excellence dimensional accuracy, design, cohesive bond and superior finish.